Public & Products Liability Insurance Description

NOTE: Also known as Broadform Liability Insurance – it is the same!

This type of insurance covers your legal responsibility for loss or injury you might inflict inadvertently on a Third Party or to their property from your business services. For example you have a café or restaurant and a group of your customers claim they got food poisoning and ultimately make a claim on you.

If your policy is set up correctly the policy responds paying your legal fees and any judgement the court awards while you get on with your business.

Pitfalls of Public & Products Liability Insurance Policies

Read the exclusions section in the Public & Products Liability Insurancepolicy you buy. Do it within the ‘cooling off’ period so you can cancel the policy if it does not suit your needs, and this will enable you to get a full refund.

Tradespeople who have contracts at airports probably will not have cover for airside functions, unless you purchase the correct policy. Aircraft are very expensive and this is a very specialist area. Your contract needs to be worth the cost of your Public & Products Liability insurance.

If you deal in asbestos products, i.e. the removal of this product on a building site, you need to know that Insurance premiums are very expensive, as the methods of disposal are extremely labour-intensive. We have had recent experience with one claim for the removal of asbestos. It cost $50,000 for a roof about the size of 5 family sized garages, but we had the correct amount for Removal of Debris. You must declare to insurers what you are intending to do or you simply will not get paid.

Your Public & Products Liability insurance policy will not normally cover “errors or omissions” or “design work”. This is an area commonly overlooked.

Public & Products Liability Insurance Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q: When does a Public Liability Insurance claim become a Products Liability Insurance claim?
A: Public Liability Insurance is an insurance policy which offers the insurer protection from people claiming compensation in the event of an accident or loss in or around their home or business. Thus if there was an accident on your property and someone was to lodge a compensation claim, then yourPublic Liability Insurance policy will assist you with the payment of compensation. Public Liability Insurance additionally may offer the insurer protection against claims from trespassers as well as providing cover against injuries made by falling objects or people carrying out repairs.

Obtain Public Liability Insurance and be Safe rather than Sorry!

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