Public Liability Insurance Definition Australia

This type of insurance covers your legal responsibility for loss or injury you might inflict inadvertently on a Third Party or to their property.

Public Liability Insurance policy simply responds to those costs.

NOTE: Some call this Public Risk Insurance – it is the same!

Pitfalls of Public Liability Insurance Policies

You certainly should read the exclusions section in the Public Liability Insurance Policy you buy. Do it within the “cooling off” period so you can cancel the Public Liability Insurance policy if it does not suit your needs and you will then get a full refund.

IT practitioner’s should be aware that most standard Public Liability policies do not cover data loss, which is typically an IT practitioners biggest exposure.

Tradespeople need specialist policies to cover their Public Liability Insurance requirements.

Trades people who have contracts at airports probably will not have cover for airside functions, unless you purchase the correct Public Liability Insurance policy.

Public Liability Insurance Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Will my policy for Public Liability Insurance cover me for Products Liability Insurance as well?
A: Normally – yes. Insurance brokers will not sell Public Liability Insurance without Products liability cover unless you are a property owner. You would be exposed if you did not have it.

Q: Why buy Public Liability Insurance?
A: It gives you peace of mind knowing that if a claim arises your policy will respond. In particular, your Public Liability Insurance cover will respond to bogus claims. Your insurer will defend your position, pay the litigation costs, and ultimately get a successful rejection of the public liability claim, while you just get on with your business

Q: Why does Public Liability Insurance cost?
A: Public Liability Insurance cost varies greatly depending upon your situation, the amount of cover required and your insurer. We advise you are best to check with us as we a specialist Public Liability Insurance Brokers and we can find the most appropirate cover for your needs and misimise your Public Liability Insurance costs while ensuring you have the right cover.

For More Information About Public Liability Insurance Policies …

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